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ViaPPS Desktop

The ViaPPS Desktop is a software developed to the analyze the information and give the characteristic information about pavement that brings the system. Also it calculates the amount of asphaltic mixture that is required to add a new layer of pavement and satisfy the requirements of crossfall, IRI and layer thickness.

This software calculates the cracking level and the percentage of area for each crack, the difference with other systems that use photos of the surface and the interpretation of the damage is subjective.
The asphalt amount report includes the same header information as described for the previous reports. The key values for each segment of the survey are:

  • Relative position since the start of measurement
  • GNSS position.
  • Speed of the vehicle
  • Amount of milling
  • Amount of asphalt in tons
  • Change of crossfall
  • Change of longitudinal profile

International Roughness Index (ViaIRI+)
The ViaIRI+ produces a longitudinal profile of the road. The profile is intended for IRI calculations and contains wavelengths of 50 meters or less. The profile is calculated for every 0.25 meter of the road.
The ViaIRI+ can calculate the MPD of the surface of the road. The system is configured to fulfill any normative and as a standard fulfill the Road and Air Field Surface Characteristics EN 13036-8. The MPD is measured by the use of two lasers on each rut.

Longitudinal profile
IRI system is able to produce a longitudinal profile of the road. The profile is for calculating IRI and wavelength of 50 meters or less. The profile is calculated every 0.25 meters from the road. The system is able to calculate the number of IRI from the longitudinal profile. The measuring IRI laser should have a resolution greater than 0.05 mm. and a sampling rate greater than 32 KHz required to calculate the MPD.