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Letter from the Director

Welcome to the firma's web site, our team have all the important information that is considered as important in order to let you know our products and services.

In Innova3 always is a pleasure working in teams with the clients, private companies to governmental entities, form Mexico and another countries from Latin America. Our management capacity and technical experience in the pavement field give us the opportunity to open us a way in the market surrounding by firmas with excellent technical capacity and older than us. We take advantage of the experience generating in the industry and we learn from our collages to apply all of these in the industry. In our commercial relationships, we have made friendships with our clients.

In Innova3 takes care to shape a multi-disciplinary team, also we look for the best and the most innovating technology around the world to apply it in our country. We have grown and we promote the practice of long term engineering with the technical criteria according to our cclient demands.

We like working hand to hand with our competitors, clients, universities, tech people and the government to contribute in the forming of an industry with more value and generating opportunities to the newer generations and giving to Mexico the necessary infrastructure to keep growing.

In innova3 we know and understand the philosophy of pavement and always looking for to integrate a better industry to offer reliable and innovating solutions

Juan Pablo Valadez Castro
General Director